Exceptional care,
commitment and compassion
Daily Life - Enrichment

Each area of Lytton Gardens Senior Communities maintains a full calendar of events. Most programs are for the specific group or residents in that level of care. However, several of these programs are designed for residents from our multiple levels of care, bringing together people from across our campus. Programs are designed to provide diversion, entertainment, and stimulation. All are focused on continually building a strong sense of community.


Assisted Living Calendar  -AUGUST 2014-

Health Center (Skilled Nursing) Calendar  -AUGUST 2014-

Memory Care Unit (3rd floor) Calendar  -AUGUST 2014-

Retirement Living Calendar (Lytton 1)  -AUGUST 2014-

Retirement Living Calendar (Lytton 4)  -AUGUST 2014-


"We're definitely focused on providing for residents' basic needs, but I like to think that through planned activities and events, we're enhancing the residents' quality of life."
-Doris Lee,
Housing Administrator