Exceptional care,
commitment and compassion

Mei knits and crochets hats and booties and purses to donate to the Breast Cancer Connection.

Naomi delivers a basket
full of hand-crafted tea lights
to Deborah's Palm, a local community for women in downtown Palo Alto

Giving Back

Assembling Care Packs for Ecumenical Hunger Program
On July the 11th, with the help of Language of the Pacific Volunteer Group and the 4th floor Webster House Health Center residents, care packs were put together for the Ecumenical Hunger Program.

The care packs included: different kinds of first care toiletries, soap (liquid and bars), shampoo, deodorant, first aid kit, tissues, wipes, lip balm, toothbrushes, toothpaste, body lotion, razors, socks, and a light snack.

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"You know, I don't have a lot of money, but I do have time and I can donate that. And then when I see people with what I gave them, it makes me happy"
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Knitting & Crocheting for Breast Cancer Connection
Mei knits and crochets, but she says she like crocheting better because its faster. She has been knitting/crocheting for "a very long time".

"Whenever I have a free moment, I am always making something; on my lunch break, waiting for the laundry to dry, sitting at the DMV..."
"Right now I'm working on purses, or small bags." She says it takes her about 4 days of crocheting off and on to make one; then she hand sews a lining in.

Lytton Residents Offer Their Creativity and Warm Hearts to Local Charities

Each month, different groups from around Lytton's campus choose a local charity or organization to donate their creative talents to. The team of Lytton staff and residents works beautifully together to coordinate these projects.

Tea Lights for Network for Battered Women
This past July, a fewassisted living residents put together tea lights in pretty bags that are used to raise awareness for the Support Network for Battered Women. The tea lights are used as an outreach tool when the staff attend health fairs or other outreach opportunities in the community.

Naomi Brown, a Lytton resident, along with Assisted Living staff, helped deliver the tea lights to Deborah's Palm, a nearby non-profit center for women. Deborah's Palm is a lovely home on Lytton Ave. in Palo Alto that has programs for women to encourage mentoring, networking and mutual support.

Comfort Blankets with Soft Fringe
12 residents, both men and women, spent an afternoon tying soft fleece fringe on colorful blankets to make them more decorative. The blankets were made for battered women and their children who live in shelters run by the Support Network.

2 of Lytton's residents who are legally blind, were able to tie the fringe by feeling it with their fingers.

The project was very rewarding knowing that these soft blankets would provide comfort to those who've left everything to find safe shelter.

Delicious Home-Made Treats for Children
In August, our assisted living residents made delicious Rice Krispie treats packaged and tied with colorful bows for homeless children in afterschool care at InnVision's program in Menlo Park.

Children who get after school care at the Opportunity Center through Inn Vision, delighted in the wonderful surprise of goodies.