Exceptional care,
commitment and compassion

Residents were eager to give
it a try!

Our Rehab Therapists
demonstrated proper
techniques when using
the new fitness equipment.

LifeTrail Fitness

Opening Day:
Gery Yearout, Executive Director, introduces the newly installed outdoor fitness equipment for older, active adults

LifeTrail's outdoor fitness equipment motivates residents to go outside, and often become social hubs where residents can train alongside friends and new acquaintances.

Play is beneficial at every stage of life, but it’s especially important later in adulthood when staying active is vital to living longer and healthier. LifeTrail outdoor fitness equipment panels are designed to make users stronger, more energetic, and more able to complete the real-life activities that matter most.

Residents can mix and match the activities on each of the panels to create up to 27 different exercises. This is perfect for circuit training with a larger group.


Next time you're on campus, stop by for a demonstration of pushups on the slanted bars!