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Leading the Way Home: Celebrating 15 Years of the MetLife Foundation Awards for Excellence
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Dual Paned doors and windows are also improving insulation.

Lytton Wins Award!

Gery Yearout and Sergio Solis accept the MetLife Award

Lytton Wins MetLife Foundation Award for
Excellence in Affordable Housing

Going Green Principles

November 2009 (Palo Alto)
Once again Lytton Gardens has done Palo Alto proud. Already known in the community for providing exemplary and affordable care for seniors, Lytton has just garnered another very special national award for an accomplishment Palo Alto can cheer.

The MetLife Foundation Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing honors exemplary work in the field of low-income housing and is one of the most established competitions in the industry. This year’s awards gave special consideration to properties with green and environmentally responsive building technologies. Lytton was the sole winner with a ‘Best in Class’ award for an ongoing community retrofit. All the other winners were in the category of new construction.

This recognition was especially gratifying for Gery Yearout, executive director of Lytton Gardens Senior Communities, who has made it a personal commitment to embrace the principles of going green and move the Lytton community toward a sustainable and green operating style.

Lytton Gardens I is currently home to 417 seniors with low incomes and provides 24-hour care for its residents. Lytton’s award was really the result of some very focused efforts. The nearly 35-year-old property recently underwent phased renovations that incorporated a “Going Green Initiative,” a dynamic effort to improve energy efficiency and water conservation. The rehab allowed for extensive site improvements that have effectively saved thousands of dollars in utility costs, and added numerous healthful benefits to the residents.

The renovations included drought tolerant landscaping, building materials made of recycled Timber Tek, installation of motion sensors to decrease the consumption of electricity, environmentally friendly lighting, new low-flush toilets and a number of waste management programs. Dual paned doors and windows are also improving insulation.

Working closely with Sergio Solis, Lytton's Director of Resident Services, Gery was able to gather a number of community organizations to assist with the effort, including having Boy Scouts install twisty bulbs, and working with the city to install a low flow flush toilets. Just in the first 6 months of this year, Lytton has shown a 15% savings on electricity and an amazing 50% on water.

All in all, these moves toward green have helped Lytton continue to provide exceptional care and still reduce its carbon footprint and lower costs – a wonderful accomplishment in all respects. More information and podcasts can be found at Lytton's website: lyttongardens.org

In addition to the great pride that comes from winning the award, Lytton will receive $50,000! That’s a nice chunk of green for Lytton’s green way of operating. As Gery Yearout said, “That will just help us make more improvements to advance our green approach. Going green has already shown itself to benefit the entire Lytton community and Palo Alto!